Keep Things Simple with a Rechargeable Candle

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Perfect for any restaurant, hotel or wedding venue, rechargeable candles are the solution to cutting costs and eliminating extra mess and fire risks at your establishment.

Use a rechargeable candle instead of real candles and reap the endless benefits:

• Environmentally friendly;
• Efficient and economical;
• No fire means no mess;
• Longer burn times;
• No costly battery replacements;
• No compliance concerns with municipal fire bans.

A rechargeable candle introduces an enticing and warm feel that guests will enjoy. After 3 hours of charging, the candles will stay lit for 15 hours and can be recharged up to 1,000 times: that’s nearly 3 years of cost and hassle-free candlelight.
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A rechargeable flameless candle looks just like a real candle; however, they can burn for 15 hours and never be hot to the touch or create mess. If they get knocked over they aren’t going to burn anyone or catch something on fire: this is especially important in places like banquet halls and wedding reception venues where fire codes must be adhered to.
Here are some of the benefits of choosing a rechargeable candle over a traditional one.

Benefits of Rechargeable Candles

Rechargeable candles will provide up to 15 hours straight of candlelight, compared to the few hours of light provided by traditional tea light candles and votives. Other advantages of rechargeable candles include:
  • Safety - There’s no risk of a fire starting from the battery-operated or rechargeable "flame” in the candle. Using LED technology means these candles won’t get too hot and won’t accidentally burn anyone who gets too close.
  • Cost-effective - Flame-burning wax candles are very expensive; what’s worse, is once the wax of the candle has melted, there’s nothing left of the purchase.
  • Healthy -Many flame-burning candles include different chemicals and dyes to create various colours or scents. Some even have glitter, plastics, or other extras to add to the aesthetic appeal of the candle. Unfortunately, while all of these extra ingredients might look and smell amazing, they all contribute to odd and potentially dangerous fumes.
  • Compliance – Many cities are banning on open flame candles in restaurants and other places of assembly. Rechargeable, flame-free candles are the perfect solution for restaurants looking for the beauty of candlelight, without having to deal with municipal red tape and outright bans.
Within a couple of hours of charging time, rechargeable LED candles have a brand new life span. They still look new and they still appear to be just like real candles.
A rechargeable candle is a small investment that yields a significant impact on the overall décor and ambience of any restaurant, hotel or wedding venue, and will instantly help reduce costs and inconveniences in your establishment.
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Did you know rechargeable flameless candles give you 15,000 hours of burn

time and save you over $6000 in 2 years?

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